May 2013 | From Lent to Pentecost

‘From Lent to Pentecost’ – a Sequence of Renaissance Polyphony
St Stephen’s Church, Rochester Row, Westminster

Director Louisa Denby


Byrd – Miserere mei
Palestrina – Scapulis suis
Victoria – O vos omnes
Victoria – Pueri Hebraeorum
Marenzio – O rex gloriae
Byrd – Ave verum
Morley – Eheu sustulerunt
Philips – Tristitia vestra
Byrd – Viri Galilei
Philips – Ascendit Deus
Palestrina – Confirma hoc Deus
Byrd – Non vos relinquam orphanos
Palestrina – Alma redepemtoris mater